Astrolog for OS/2

Astrolog for OS/2 is a free-to-use astrology calculation, charting, and analysis software based on the famous Astrolog program by Walter D. Pullen. To learn more, please have a look at the dated readme file, or view this screenshot showing the chart of former US President George W. Bush (tropical points, sidereal houses, Lahiri ayanamsa).

Project Future

Astrology seems destined to lead all other branches of knowledge out of the blind alley of unspiritual rationalism and materialism.
– Dr Cunibert Mohlberg, Vatican Institute of Archaeology

This page has been neglected for a long time. As part of an overhaul of this website, it should see substantial improvements before the end of this Summer, including some convenient ways to donate money. Yes – this time around, I think you can trust me to get it done.

Looking ahead, Astrolog for OS/2 is seeing continued development, but work on its cross-platform replacement has been postponed. It will restart as soon as the next version of the OS/2 software has been released, some time in the year 2020. A beta version could be available as early as by Christmas next year.

The coming years will not be peaceful. Arguably, they never are, but going by the current transit of Rahu through Leo, less peace and more foolishness than usual can and should be expected. The periods when the Sun is also afflicted should be the most foolish. Periods with the Sun in Aries and Cancer should be more pleasant. I myself will try my best to work on this software (strategic progress has been made).

I expect to release version 2.0 within a year of Rahu entering Gemini, one of the two signs associated with astrology and the primary sign of science and luck. Since most Gemini suns are excited about astrology, this seems like an appropriate time for releasing this software.

Obviously, there will most likely be more than one pre-release between now and then, but I do not dare to predict when they will come. At best, there will be a release before Christmas this year.

Version 2.0

Due to significant changes which the previous 1.2 version is not compatible with, I have decided to bump the major version number for the next release. Some of the changes and new features in version 2.0 include the following.

  • Automatic Chart Analysis: A basis for consistent and highly accurate chart interpretation suitable for research and reliable end-user reports. The first stage of this analysis will produce an Integrity Score synthesizing location-independent factors such as sankhya yoga, essential dignity, cuspal placement, planetary sovreignty, combustion, and dispositor chaining. The second stage will produce a location-dependent Fortune Score based on the horoscope sign and the accidental dignity of planets by house and focus. The two scores will combine to give a general idea of the character and life to be expected. For a more detailed picture, the analysis also pinpoints the most important planets, the good and the bad as well as the strength of each.
  • Extended Chart Information: Time with seconds (in the original version animation could step a chart a second at a time, but the seconds were neither displayed nor saved on file), Time Precision (birth records in some places frequently have the time rounded to the nearest hour), Tags (can associate a chart with multiple categories), Event Type (birth, marriage, and death may be predefined), Long Name (somewhat generic, but will probably be birth name for birth events), Accuracy (rodden-based ratings for information accuracy: AA, A, B, C, D, X and XX), Source (gives optional details about the original known source of the information such as the name of a biography), Notes (whatever notes you may want to keep). Event type, tags, accuracy, and time precision will be future chart selection criteria.
  • Quick Data Entry: A new chart information dialog with a Parse button makes it a lot easier to copy and paste information from the web, email, or other sources. In practice, this speeds up data entry and minimizes typing and other input errors. You can now enter name, date, time, time zone, place, latitude, and longitude all in one place.
  • Localization: As a first major step towards full localization, dates and times are localized. This means that the program loads date and time formats as defined in the currently configured locale object, which can be found in the System Setup folder. The program accepts input as all-numeric as well as with the month spelled out in full or abbreviated.


A pre-alpha version will be finished and released regardless of funding. However, continued development after that is uncertain. Progress towards 2.0 final can be very fast or very slow, depending on your support. With no financial support, I will be forced to devote so much of my time elsewhere that any further development can be held up indefinitely.

Technological Previews

A number of technological previews will precede the first pre-alpha. These releases are not intended for general use, but solely for technical review of the new extended file format, the new chart information dialog, localization of dates and times, as well as experimental implementations of the automatic chart analysis feature, aka ACA. These previews are ready to use but come with numerous implementation holes. A lot of work remains to be done before the first alpha release.

Development Schedule

God willing, version 2.0 will be released in the year 2020. Leading up to this momentous occasion, there will be multiple development releases, including more technological previews, a first pre-alpha release and a second, just as many alphas, one or more betas, and at least one gamma. Development beyond the first pre-alpha depends on your support. In fact, financial support impacts the development on the way there as well.

The latest technological previews feature a completely rewritten analysis module, which is already close to what will be the complete first stage of the automatic chart analysis in the pre-alpha. It records individual factors for each planet as well as diagnostics. The sankhya yoga is a major analysis factor. For undignified sankhya yogas, this is a limiting factor that (when enabled) always reduces the overall chart integrity. For dignified sankhya yogas, a fully dignified ruler may maintain the integrity. An undignified ruler should reduce the integrity.

The latest releases present individualized results, including metrics for six ultimate dispositor planets (seven in total). The presentation can serve as the basis for individual chart interpretation, clearly indicating the strongest and the weakest character areas as well as the most promising and the most harmful influences.


In the long-term, it will be necessary to replace Astrolog for OS/2 with a completely new groundbreaking and professional grade software. It should stand apart from currently available commercial offerings in many ways, including the following.

  • Zero cost to download, install, and use (commercial astrology software costs hundreds of dollars).
  • Cross-platform (commercial astrology software rarely runs natively on more than one operating system).
  • Open source and a free software licence allow the user to freely extend, customize, and redistribute the software.
  • Desktop portability using a portable C++ development framework for OS/2, Windows, and possibly Linux.
  • Usefulness to astrologers and lay people alike (astrology for the masses and not only the professionals).
  • Consistently working astrological features (tried and proven to work).
  • Easy to use thanks to a fully up-to-date graphical user interface, including modeless settings dialogs, context menus, etc.
  • Chart analysis with a focus on the bottom line such as profile matching and genuinely useful character discriptions.

The software will be available on OS/2 and at least two of the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and Android (both mobile phones and tablet computers). The exact range will depend on the funding received.

By making a donation to this project you can make sure the software will be available for your platform and operating system. Development of the new software will start as soon as the first pre-alpha of Astrolog for OS/2 version 2 has been released and the first major donation of (or many small donations amounting to) a hundred euros. Development will also begin as soon as possible after the release of the first alpha.


To fund the new software, I have chosen the pay-for-development model. For supporters, this means you pay only once and can use any number of copies of the software without restrictions. It also means that you only have to pay according to your means and interest in the software and may get away with paying less than those hundreds of dollars asked for by the big names in commercial astrology software. Alternatively, you can be as generous as you like and receive well-deserved credit for being one of those foresighted people who brought not only yourself but the whole world some truly groundbreaking astrology software. Features are implemented according to overall strategy and funding, so do not hesitate to mention any particular feature of interest to you.

Latest Releases

Version 1.2 Alpha 6 delivers Synchronized Houses (sidereal whole sign houses populated with tropical planets). This brand new astrological house system is sure to make you go wow! Finally, you will be able to interpret planets by their house position – just as you find them.

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is primarily about adding Automatic Chart Analysis. As of the latest technological preview, the chart analysis produces a broadly accurate chart integrity score, useful for group average calculations. The analysis is still too draconian for a great many individual charts and too lax for quite a few more. The first pre-alpha will deliver fairly accurate integrity scores for at least 99% of all charts, as well as useful dispositor scores, bound to make chart interpretation a lot easier and more consistent.

Technological Previews

The latest documented technological preview is TP81. Compared to the previous documented release, this one contains a lot of improvements to the ACA feature, as well as small changes and improvements to the stats feature, including the addition of a new batch processing function. In graphics mode, this preview uses a shadow bitmap, resulting in flicker-free graphics updates. In the past, this optimization has resulted in system freezes on some systems. The freezes usually only occur when moving the main window around very quickly. If you experience system stability issues, you may download an earlier technological preview and compare. If you notice any difference, please drop me a note (including information on what graphics driver you are using) and I will implement an option to disable flicker-free graphics for future releases.

Stealth Updates

Awaiting the next documented release, stealth updates are available. These packages are slimmer than ordinary releases. They contain the latest executable, the latest ACA stats, and the latest ACA end user notes, but none of the changes in the software are documented. The latest stealth update was released on Friday 18 December 2015 .

Pre-Alpha Schedule

God willing, the first pre-alpha will be released in about a year from now. Until then, technological previews are available in its place. With enough funding received for Astrolog for OS/2 development, version 2.0 will be available by Christmas 2018. As requested, convenient methods to help fund development will be available before Christmas this year.


The following download information tables are hopefully self-explanatory. On the left, there is a brief description of each item available for download. On the right, there is a link to the compressed file. Most of the files are only useful under the OS/2 operating system.

Download Information
Astrolog for OS/2, v1.2 Alpha 6c,
released 2007-06-26 (476 kB)
Astrolog for OS/2, v2.0 TP54,
released 2011-06-30 (509 kB)
Astrolog for OS/2, v2.0 TP65,
released 2011-10-12 (521 kB)
Astrolog for OS/2, v2.0 TP71,
released 2012-04-14 (528 kB)
Astrolog for OS/2, v2.0 TP81,
released 2012-12-31 (615 kB)


The ACA end user notes have expanded greatly over the past software releases. The notes are sometimes updated more often than the software. The first pre-alpha release of the software will include a URL object pointing to the latest HTML version of these notes.

Download Information
ACA end user notes,
released 2016-01-04 (85 kB)

Astrolog Chart Collection

There once was a small collection of astrological birth charts available to test the software. The collection contained mostly timed birth data for public figures in the latest Astrolog Chart Information file format. Due to alleged copyright infringement reasons, it was removed a long time ago. Since it is not possible to copyright individual birthdata (dates and times of birth), the collection will return with plenty of more data upon the release of the next version of the software. The new collection will also include most of the test and control data referenced in the documentation of the currently available technological previews. The collection itself will be copyrighted, but if you want to extract raw birthdata to create a new collection in a different format, let us say for a different piece of software, you will always be free to do so, regardless of the copyright on the upcoming Astrolog Chart Collection.

Download Information
Astrolog Chart Collection (ACC)

Make a Donation

Whether you appreciate Astrolog for OS/2 or would like to see new astrology software developed, you are very welcome to make a donation. Even a small amount would give the developer enough of a moral boost to drive progress for months to come. If you would like to see development for a particular platform or request a definite feature, please consider making a larger donation. All donations, regardless of amount, give full access to all advance project updates. Donations of 12 euros or more receive generous free software support (any question any time).


Astrolog for OS/2 is supported freeware. You may use the email address below for reporting bugs, request features, or share your mind on anything else concerning this software.